Liz Jones British Reining Champion competing in her Collection 33 Custom Saddle Blanket

Liz Jones

“You only have to see Avril in the show pen to know that she is the person to go to for design, colour and advice on what to wear when showing your horse - she always looks amazing! I am thrilled with my Collection 33 show pad, I receive so many compliments about the colour and quality.

Avril is endlessly helpful, creative and patient, going through designs and colours to get the perfect combination. My pad was designed specifically to coordinate with several different show shirts, it is custom sized for my small reiner and the quality is outstanding. I couldn’t be happier, and all with the bonus that I don’t have to import from the states!”

Fiona Powley

"When I saw the quality of Avril’s work, I knew that if I was going to invest in a custom show jacket then she was to be my designer of choice.

Avril’s knowledge of the Show Pen meant that I was able to choose the style that would work best for me. As a Western Horsemanship, Pleasure and Trail competitor I wanted a jacket that would be appropriate for all three disciplines. I was included in the design stage and my ideas were met with enthusiasm. A jovial play around with some stunning crystals actually became included in part of the design.

The stunning Aubergine jacket that was produced for me, is more than I could have dreamed of! I’m very proud of the 6200 crystals that Avril kept on adding, as all she heard from me was 'more bling!!!' From the Elizabethan styling of the latticework, to the delicate swirls and flattering lines, mean that I really do feel confident that I am looking my best in the ring.

I’m also delighted that Avril and I are working on yet another design to grace the Show Pen in 2021 when I will hopefully show in Longe Line Competition."

Clare Hatchard competing in her Collection 33 Custom Saddle Blanket

Clare Hatchard

"Avril at Collection 33 makes the most beautiful top quality show blankets, which can be made to your exact colour choice to match a special outfit and even sized to suit different equine models.

You should know however, that they are extremely addictive, one is never quite enough (I have 4 and counting), but it means I can mix and match my show attire which is fabulous!"

Olivia Plumb competing in her custom Collection 33 Showmanship Jacket

Sandra Plumb

"Avril at Collection 33 was invited to make the Show Apparel for the 2016 Youth World Cup in Australia and made the most beautiful Showmanship Jacket for my daughter, Olivia.

The process included liaison involving the design, colour and overall appearance with Avril and my daughter. The outcome was the most beautiful jacket which she was proud to wear not just at the Youth World Cup but the years to date which have followed.

Avril certainly has a passion for making the most lovely show apparel and an exquisite eye for detail which shows up in all the garments she produces."

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