Terms of Sale

We endeavour to produce one of a kind garmetns, which are hand made and custom designed in the UK. Neither our ‘ready to wear’ nor our custom pieces will ever be duplicated. This is important to use because we believe that looking good makes you feel good, and we want our clients to feel great!

Ready Made Garment Terms

Payments - Payment in full is required before garment is delivered.

Shipping - All garments will be courier shipped and tracked, shipping costs will be at the buyers cost. Duty and additional shipping fees are at the buyers expense.

Returns - Off the rack items can be returned provided there is no evidence that the garment has been worn other than to ensure the fit. Garments will be shipped with a tag in the centre front of the garment. If this tag has been removed, returns will be refused. 

Returned garments will be inspected on arrival, providing there is damage to that garment the buyer will be fully refunded, minus shipping costs. Customers are advised to return items as soon as possible and to contact us before returning items. Return shipping is at the buyers cost. 

Custom Garment Terms

Orders - Custom orders are non-refundable and non-returnable, this is because they have been made to specific colour, designs and size specifications. If a custom garment is found to be unsatisfactory we will work with the client to re-sell the item. 

Collection 33 works with clients to produce garments to their colour, size and design specifications. Clients can be involved in the design process, but must remember that changes can and will be made to designs if we feel that they are necessary.

Custom items are sketched up roughly before they are put into production, but detailed, scaled sketches are not always produced. Progress images can be provided on request. Detailed scaled designs can be produces, but may be charged at extra cost. 

Payments - A £300 non-refundable deposit is required for all custom pieces. This deposit must be received before work on the piece can begin. The outstanding sum plus any shipping costs will be requested on completion of the garment and must be received before the garment is shipped. 

Shipping - All garments will be courier shipped and tracked, shipping costs will be at the buyers cost. Duty and additional shipping fees are at the buyers expense.

Alterations - Alterations can be made on most custom pieces, but they do depend on the range of clothing and the materials and embellishments used. Some garments cannot be altered.

It is advised that you double check that all measurements provided for custom pieces are correct. If the garment produced matches the measurements provided (with a tolerance of 2.5 cm) then any alterations required are at the buyers expense. However if the garment does not match the measurements Collection 33 will cover the alteration costs, where alterations are possible, within 30 days of the garment being shipped. If we have not been notified of any alteration requirements within 30 days alterations are the responsibility of the buyer.  

Please contact us if you need further information on alterations of custom garments. 

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